The skin can be broken by blowing bombs, and it can be worn with a denim jacket

Li Bingbing, born in Heilongjiang in 1973, is a girl from Northeast China. Graduated from the Shanghai Theatre Academy in 1997, an outstanding actress in China.

Many people realize that Li Bingbing was in 2000. That year Li Bingbing was known to the audience because he starred in the TV series "Young Bao Qingtian". In fact, Li Bingbing was 27 years old that year.

Li Bingbing may not have become famous so early, or even late, but his achievements are obvious to all. Li Bingbing, 47, is still the focus of attention.

Recently Li Bingbing participated in the recording of variety shows, in which she appeared in a denim jacket. The girl's casual items have no sense of disobedience on her. If you don't say the age of 47, who can believe it.

I have to say that Li Bingbing's current state is really perfect. As a 47-year-old actress, she can not only settle herself down, but also ensure the stability of her appearance and figure. In fact, this is already very rare.

This is because after a woman reaches a certain age, her figure is likely to change, but Li Bingbing has no traces on her body, completely holding the pig-killing knife for years.

What's the point if the skin can be broken? The body can be so perfect . Li Bingbing doesn't have a trace of fat on her body. Although she is thin, she doesn't feel weak, but is in a healthy and positive state.

Li Bingbing's muscle lines are simply perfect, which contrasts nicely with wheat skin. Although he loses weight, his health is excellent. This way of losing weight is worth learning.

As an actor, the most important thing is to shape and inject soul into the role. The roles that every actor encounters in his life are certainly not the same type, and face different challenges, so the actor needs to be plastic.

And Li Bingbing is such a very malleable girl, and her neutral style wear is completely cool and cool.

Li Bingbing's facial features are exquisite, but he is not a perfect goddess in the traditional sense of our country. Although the facial features are not so bright, Li Bingbing is very malleable and can handle a variety of different roles, so the final effect presented to everyone in the film and television works can be bright.

Li Bingbing's short hair style really pokes me, Li Bingbing's face has no edges or corners, but this kind of neutral style really suits her, cool and fashionable.

Aura temperament is not necessarily given by clothing items, but is born with him. Li Bingbing is such a girl. Although there are not many outstanding dresses, but in various red carpet styles are as stable as Mount Tai, calm, invincible and powerful.

Even the simplest dress and skirt can emit light on her body and become the focus of the red carpet modeling.

In fact, the most delicate part of Li Bingbing's facial features is the petite, round and simple. Li Bingbing's face is not the melon seed face that is popular nowadays. In fact, it is more like an oval face, with a slightly rounded feeling. So although Li Bingbing's is pretty, it's not as pretty as an internet celebrity.

In fact, not all Internet celebrities are the same, but that most Internet celebrities do not have much recognition. As a star actor, the most important thing is recognition. Nowadays, they all have distinct characteristics, and there is no second one in the showbiz.

The retro and casual items make Li Bingbing look like a queen. This kind of casual items are actually difficult to control and easy to cheesy.

But in Li Bingbing, there is no need to worry about this at all. As expected, a strong temperament is invincible.

In fact, Li Bingbing, who has a strong aura, has a gentle and pleasant side. Wearing a sweater, Li Bingbing's facial features are softened, and his temperament is gentle and lovely.

The refreshing white sweater is super suitable for Li Bingbing. The color contrast is the right design, creating a girlish sense of college style.

Li Bingbing sings well and keeps pace with strength. I hope to see more outstanding works of Li Bingbing in the days to come.