the black and white plaid can be worn so British, and the expressiveness is too good

Today’s protagonist is Li Yitong. The Tanabata movie "Waiting for You at the End of Time" starring her has achieved good results. However, many people say that Li Yitong does not have a celebrity style, and the public face is unrememberable, and there is a weak feeling. In fact, this kind of statement is really extreme, because Li Yitong is a high-end western-style person who can change into black and white checkered items. How can he become non-existent because of the public face? Isn't the latest airport outfit beautiful?

Li Yitong appeared in the airport in a British style, with a tight package and unstoppable mature temperament. As a member of the entertainment industry, she also caught up with her short haircut. A clean but highly recognizable short shoulder-length hair made her look delicate and smart. The height of 165 can add three centimeters. Li Yitong's hairstyle looks simple, but in fact it modifies the face shape, which is a match for Xin Zhilei's hairstyle that was all the rage some time ago.

Another great advantage of this hairstyle is that it varies from person to person. You can choose different designs according to your face shape. For example, if you have a high hairline or are troubled by beautiful hairstyles, you can choose like Li Yitong Air bangs or Korean layered bangs, if you have a flat face, you can choose a layered hairstyle, which decreases from the temple to the chin line, which can very well modify the face.

This time, Li Yitong chose a suit to wear. The overall look is clean, tidy and layered. The black and white plaid style is elegant and classic. She does not choose skin color or figure. Because the version she chooses has characteristics, she also wears basic models. There is a feeling that makes people shine. The plaid top is designed in profile, and the fabric that is not easy to pleated is matched with a style that hides the flesh and makes Li Yitong's originally petite figure even smaller and more feminine.

The style of the sleeves gives people a flanging design, revealing the black inner lining just to echo the black tight-fitting sling, with elastic and tight, long and short, fashionable and western. Why do you say that this outfit is very British? This is also due to this plaid skirt, A-shaped high waist design, first of all, the figure is recessed to the best state, the small thick legs can become small thin legs, and the small short legs can become large long legs.

The high-waist plaid skirt adopts a front slit design, which makes the originally monotonous skirt look more design, and at the same time increases the sense of hierarchy. The double-layer slit design can not only distinguish the front and the back, but also use its color matching to change the skin tone. It is because Li Yitong understands the truth that he can make his legs look more delicate and tender than wearing flesh-colored stockings.

It's not a day or two for Li Yitong to love plaid. This time she chose a girly and artistic fluorescent plaid skirt. The yellow-green tone is the main color, supplemented by the small black squares, which is simple and fresh. The version of the short dress uses a V-neck design, and the puff sleeves and high waist A-shaped skirt make her look like a doll. The fluffy skirt on Li Yitong with a small skeleton is funny and cute. The shoes also choose black high-barrel Martin boots, as the king of all-match, its appearance undoubtedly played a finishing touch effect, and stabilized the overall tone of clothing.

This time, Li Yitong chose a plaid shirt. The way it is not good to dress looks a little more fashionable. The lotus pink plaid style uses a loose version and a non-button design to wear a one-shoulder top. In order to increase the sense of hierarchy. She chose to match a tight-fitting printed long sleeve with the same color but with different brightness. It is straight and loose. It is difficult to wear it without layering. What's more, Li Yitong chose a sky blue denim skirt with high slits for the lower body. The outer waist form is matched with a front slit design, which easily dents the long legs and can also unscrupulously beautiful legs.