salty and sweet early autumn match! The "little man" can also be fashionable and tall, with outstanding temperament and full of eye-catching

Good-looking outfits usually have distinct style boundaries, either sweet or cute. But in fact, there is also such a matching style, and there is no fixed style attribute. It can be sweet and cool. It is a combination of the two styles.

It looks like an impure style, but the effect of wearing the upper body is actually very pure. Both boys and girls like it very much. There is no mercy for the early autumn collocation, and the fashionable temperament is at your disposal. Let's take a look at it below.

Black embellishment adds cool

The most obvious style attribute of the salt can be sweet is the cool and interesting style, so you can use black as an embellishment, making the matching style full of layers and full of personality and fashion. Although the simple style is fashionable, but it is full of fun. There is no sense of disobedience to the handsome and cool lady, and the fashion style can be salty and sweet, so that you can have a colorful and fashionable life.

Small children can use the black line to create a thin effect, but at the same time, they can also use the belt design to create a high waist line design. Although it is not very fashionable, it can shape the golden ratio and have the practical effect of being tall and thin. The salt-to-sweet fashion style is very suitable for small girls. It can easily modify the figure and has a perfect S-shaped curve.

Cool and handsome hats make fashion

Girls who like hip-hop should be familiar with peaked caps. This must-have item for looking handsome and cool is actually very suitable for fashionable dressing styles that can be salty or sweet, making simple collocations cool and fashionable. Peaked caps are one of the best. Both men and women, tall, short, fat or thin, can easily control them. Among the peaked caps, the black peaked cap is the most versatile, and the basic models are not picky at all.

The most popular hat among fashionable people today is the fisherman hat. Compared with the peaked cap, the fisherman hat is more gentle, although it does not have a strong offensive, but it is also cool and stylish.

Moreover, the fisherman hat is more suitable for girls with slightly fat, which can make the face appear smaller, and the long hair with the shawl can also add a gentle atmosphere.

As time goes by, the weather will gradually cool down, so there will be more and more hat styles, knitted hats and Lei Feng hats can appear in the styling. Therefore, all kinds of hats will be indispensable items in matching styles in the next six months.

Girls who are prone to headaches are more suitable for matching hats, not only for beauty, but also for cooling and cold prevention, which is very healthy. As a girl from the north, the must-have items for autumn and winter must be hats and scarves.

Fashionable personality of tube socks

Beauty-loving children must have seen the charm of tube stockings, and fashionable people are wearing them. From the popular till now, the tube socks have been loved by more and more people and can create a fashionable style. But when it comes to being perfectly thin and tall, it’s not necessarily true, although mid-tube stockings can be a modifier for girls with poor leg shapes. But it is not as magical as in the legend, so it can be used as the icing on the cake, but it cannot be overly dependent.

Metal necklace with careful machine

Metal chains are used in hip-hop fashion to create individual fashion. In fact, it can also be used in daily life, it does not need to appear on a large area, it is enough as a necklace or bracelet. In fact, too much jewelry will have the effect of superfluous. Simple and basic styles can be fashionable with simple and low-key jewelry.

A hearty ponytail hairstyle can add a fashionable temperament. A simple style is just right to match it. So the daily collocation is not as complicated as everyone thinks, but the salty and sweet style leaves more room for people to play. .

So girls who don't know how to match can also control all kinds of fashion without worrying about dressing. Daily life is not a catwalk show, and there is no need for overly exquisite fashion.

The presence of tube socks and black hats can add personality and fashion. Therefore, the simple and low-key style can also be worn cool and fashionable. The girl who can be salty and sweet is you.