In the past two years, he has grown rapidly not only in acting, but also in temperament and clothing.

Today’s protagonist is Zhao Lusi. When it comes to Zhao Lusi, many people will associate it with web dramas, because she has appeared in countless impressive web dramas, such as "Oh! "My Emperor" is another example of "The Rumored Wu Qianqian", and the ratings are very impressive. If there is a place for the heroine of a web drama, Zhao Lusi will definitely be among the best. Having said that, Zhao Lusi has really grown up visible to the naked eye over the past few years. She has made silent progress in both acting and wearing.

Zhao Lusi, who recently attended a certain brand event, is really upscale and more and more temperamental. When the camera zooms in, we can admire Zhao Lusi's face up close. Although she is not the most beautiful, she is definitely more popular with the audience than other female stars. This is very similar to Yang Chaoyue. "God enjoys food and eats" should be said of Zhao Lusi. Such lucky ones.

With the support of the audience, you are not afraid that you will have no traffic, and you do not have to be afraid that you will not have resources. Zhao Lusi, who has not appeared at the event for a long time, also spent a lot of careful thinking, from the exquisite makeup to the overall wear and eye and have a memory. This time I chose a more mature black self-cultivation suit. I liked her wearing sweet and cute style clothes. It was a bit uncomfortable at first glance, but this did not affect her beauty.

The black suit is designed for self-cultivation. In order to avoid being confused with professional wear, she chose a design with silver sand on the surface of the suit. Under the illumination of the light, it is faintly emphasized with its sense of existence, fashionable and western. The self-cultivation type can just outline her figure. Because of her fair skin, it will make her feel plump. This invisibly makes her more mature and stable, which is more in line with the term "forced to grow" 21-year-old Zhao Lusi Some 30-year-old women are mature and dignified.

Zhao Lusi's black suit has pros and cons on her. The positive side is that she can be used as a reference for her future transformation. The negative side is that it is too lawful. The tight version and the black tight-fitting lining can easily give people a sense of sight of a sister at the counter. But at any rate, seeing her delicate and sweet appearance can take back a little sane, and she should also like her witty choice of shorts.

On the whole, it seems that this outfit is very powerful, especially this mid-length suit jacket completely covers the shorts, forming a way of wearing the shirt missing, full of femininity. Although Zhao Lusi's stance was a bit domineering, it did not affect her appearance. Zhao Lusi's skin became more fair and translucent when her skin was very white.

In addition to the live pictures at the event, the official promotional picture of Zhao Lusi is even more beautiful. Zhao Lusi in the lens is entirely a rich lady, and her sweet and confident smile is really healing. Because of the standard lady sitting position, she made the three-point shorts completely invisible, and the design of the cardigan suit more obscurely expressed her superior figure, a pair of long leg socks were safely exposed, white and straight really made many people incarnate "Lemon essence".

Zhao Lusi at work looks a bit mature in her outfits, but in private she is completely like the little girl next door, really cute and very young. For example, in this outfit, a washed blue high-waist denim skirt is placed under a white slim T-shirt. The two colors are almost the same color. The overall look is clean and neat. In order to increase the sense of layering, she did not use layered matching. I chose a knitted fake cardigan design, and the bottoms also made efforts. The lotus lace waistband and the raw-edged collar all added the overall sense of hierarchy.