How to wear an little man in autumn? 27 sets of high and temperamental wear templates, waiting for you to get

For small girls, if you want to spend the autumn and winter beautifully, you need to spend more effort on dressing up. After all, we wear a lot, it looks like we are at least ten pounds heavier than the actual weight, and the result of being fat will naturally lower your altitude visually. Small girls look fat and short, which is definitely the culprit affecting our appearance.

Therefore, small girls want to be stunningly beautiful in autumn and winter, be tall and thin at the same time. And this time to plant the grass for everyone, the little girl personally demonstrated the autumn look, each set is fashionable and eye-catching, and the height of 158 can be beautiful and exquisite every day.

In order to avoid bloated shapes and affect our height and appearance, we cleverly use "exposed skin" collocation to become thin and beautiful. To say that the more popular way to wear in autumn is undoubtedly the collocation with exposed calves and ankles.

Of course, if you want to keep warm and fashionable, you will choose matching socks to increase the temperature of the style. What you need to know at this time is that it is best to wear the collocation with exposed calves. The bottoms and socks are the same color to avoid dividing the leg lines, thus showing shorter legs. The visual extensibility of the same color series can also help you wear long legs.

In the early autumn stage, we have not reached the point where the cold wind is biting. Even if a small area of ​​skin is exposed, we will not be cold to the point of shivering. Therefore, cropped trousers and mid-length skirt paper have become a must-select item for small girls to look thin. It's just that the sister paper who is afraid of cold, "skin" refers to skin color leggings.

In autumn, bare leg socks not only make you "exposed" but not cold, but also the best partner for your beloved skirt paper. Everyday we can choose a skirt with a light texture. The upper body can not only reduce the burden on the shape, wear a slim figure, but also give people an illusion of anti-seasonal matching, and the upper body is properly eye-catching.

Small girls who love trousers better than skirts should prepare a high-waist cropped trousers every day. As long as the high-waist line is emphasized, even with flat shoes, they can wear a look with perfect proportions and temperament.

Of course, the cold sister paper, the collocation of cropped trousers + elastic stockings, the upper body is thin and trendy, the celebrities love this "show socks" way of wearing. Of course, in addition to matching, choosing the same color as the socks and tops and jackets can increase the level of modeling and show the fashion charm of refined personality.

Of course, high-waist nine-point pants, in order to achieve the purpose of appearing tall and thin, the key lies in the word "show". For example, in the set of looks demonstrated for you today, we can clearly see how to put the top into the pants, revealing the whole pair of pants. There is a visual illusion that the length of the pants represents the length of the legs. Not a long-legged goddess!

Of course, the whole pair of pants is not exposed, as long as we know how to increase the highlights of the upper body, we can also achieve the purpose of showing height. For example, if the top is folded, the upper body is thinner and the center of gravity of the shape can be improved, so that you can wear a tall and stylish look.

Layering and matching is not enough. Too many single products and too mixed colors can easily give people a sense of dazzling, but affect the beauty of the shape. Generally speaking, the combination of jacket and top is simple and layered on the upper body, so you can wear it casually.

What's more careful is that this time matching not only chooses to wear, but also uses highly saturated color tops and cap accessories to increase the eye-catching rate of the shape. If you shift the sight of passers-by to a higher place, you will appear taller.

In autumn, the outerwear is undoubtedly the protagonist of the look. If you want to increase the look of the look, choosing the right outerwear is the key.

To say that a small girl wants to wear a tall and thin body, the coat needs to not exceed the length of the crotch, the upper body does not weigh down, and it looks full of energy. In addition, the wider the fabric of the jacket, the more it can enhance your aura, which makes people ignore your height.

If you want to increase the beauty of the upper body and wear a tall figure, the last thing you don't need to choose matching skills is to choose a hat. Speaking of which, college-style berets, fisherman hats, baseball caps, etc., the upper body not only conforms to the sweet and playful temperament of a small man, but also has a stylish and detailed look, and the upper body looks elegant and delicate.

In the autumn and winter seasons, accessories can be said to be the finishing touch of the shape. Of course, accessories located above the waist, such as caps, scarves, earrings, etc., can basically enhance the fashion and fashion sense of the shape while showing height.

How do the little ones wear in autumn? 27 sets of excellent wearing templates, waiting for you to get them, the upper body is tall and temperament, and it is so relaxed and beautiful that it will not be repeated in a month!