fashion designer! The latest cover blockbuster Sa Cool Advanced, each set is amazing

Speaking of the girl group THE9, everyone must be very familiar with it. This year, through the "Youth Have You 2" girl group selection program debut combination, although the group time is short, but each member has accumulated a lot of popularity, so the resources are very good.

Today, we want to say that Xu Jiaqi, who is ranked third, is able to make his debut, and Xu Jiaqi's business ability is beyond doubt. In addition, Xu Jiaqi, who is 170cm tall and looks good, is still a natural hanger.

Xu Jiaqi, who recently unlocked her first cover, was once again surprised by her. The cover blockbuster is cool and high-end, and the fashion expression is really amazing.

Xu Jiaqi's camouflage-style collocation, camouflage jacket and ultra-shorts, deduced the way of wearing the lower body missing, and the upper body looks individual and fashionable. The least contrived thing is that this camouflage suit fits tightly to her body curve, and all the buttons on the upper part are tied together, showing the temptation of abstinence.

Of course, Xu Jiaqi's match with metal buttons adds a tough temperament, which looks sassy and cool. And because the buttons are worn with half and half, they wear an X-shaped body curve, and the waist is more slender and attractive. The metal chain on the waist is more practical than decoration, and the upper body is cut into a perfect body proportion, which makes it easy to wear a royal sister.

Xu Jiaqi's hairstyle this time is also a bonus item for the whole styling , short hair that can be salty and sweet, because the wet bangs show texture and handsomeness, it looks superb temperament!

The ever-changing girl Xu Jiaqi chose a small silver suit jacket this time, which looks very futuristic. Of course, the three-dimensional sense of the suit is full of flowers and grass elements, which increases the luxury and texture of the shape, and fully shows the fashionable charm of the cold atmosphere.

The metal chain earrings swaying by Xu Jiaqi's ears are the finishing touches of the shape. The cold metal earrings have always been the best single product that interprets the retro Hong Kong style, easily showing the confident style of elegant women.

The suit jacket that Xu Jiaqi chose this time was exactly in the middle of her thighs. Therefore, she was careful to wear the jacket as a skirt, unexpectedly wearing the elegant and intellectual charm of a big woman.

Of course, suit skirts and long boots are a combination that celebrities like. The upper body is modern and handsome, and it can easily dent a full-fashion look. And the pleated boots Xu Jiaqi chose this time look loose, showing a lazy and casual temperament, easily creating a high-end look without losing the sense of fashion.

For Xu Jiaqi's match this time, she chose the "underwear" to wear with a careful machine, which looks sexy and chic. Xu Jiaqi's color matching this time, black + caramel color, is simple yet retro style. This color is matched with its own advanced filter, so it is very photogenic. Under the background of pure color, Xu Jiaqi's beautiful photos give people a sense of texture.

The stacking of elastic knitted skirt and self-cultivating knit "breast" not only highlights her graceful figure, but also helps her to wear the visual effect of all legs below the chest. And with her "Asian squat" action, the waist-hip curve is amazing, and she can be attracted by her at a glance.

Xu Jiaqi’s waist simply does not want to actually exist. The arms cross her chest and the two elbows almost overlap. The V-shape formed between the arms can visually shrink the waist line inward, saying that it is an "ant waist". Minute.

The matching of Xu Jiaqi's black dress and the sleeveless high-neck design is a good hand to show her figure and temperament. And because of her hairstyle with bangs and low ponytail, it adds a soft and soft temperament, which is elegant and gentle.

For Xu Jiaqi's outfit, she chose a white top that matched her skin tone and looked gentle and temperamental. The cloak-style blouse, because she threw the cuffs out of a beautiful arc, the whole shape was more agile, looking retro and immortal.

Xu Jiaqi's appearance and figure are in full compliance with the standards of the women's team, with high looks and perfect body proportions. Therefore, her still photos are very expressive, the latest cover blockbuster, each set is very outstanding!