"fairy descended"! The pink Hanfu is so beautiful that you hold a folding fan and are gentle and silky

Although Zheng Shuang is a national flower of the post-90s generation, he actually made his debut as early as 2009. At that time, Zheng Shuang was only 18 years old. The first work he starred in was "Let's See Meteor Shower Together", and it became The most popular actor. Many young girls born in the 1990s still have memories of their youth.

Therefore, Zheng Shuang, who has been debuting for more than ten years, is just over 20 years old.

Recently, the show "I'm Waiting for You in the Summer Palace" released a set of stills. I saw Zheng Shuang wearing a Hanfu. The pink color scheme didn't violate any sense of harmony. The elements of Hanfu appear to be more and more elegant, and the rolled up hair is also exceptionally beautiful.

Zheng Shuang's skin is fair and brighter under the sun, and his skin can be broken by blows. The refreshing pink color combination is sweet and gentle, although sweet but not sweet, just the right color. With Zheng Shuang's iconic smile, it is sweet and beautiful.

Although Zheng Shuang made her debut very early, she was actually an actor from a class. At the time, she was the youngest student in the class at the Beijing Film Academy.

Having said that, I have to mention Zheng Shuang's wonderful journey. At that time, Zheng Shuang was still relatively young, and was taken by his mother to take the exam. Zheng Shuang took the exam with the attitude of giving it a try. But I did not expect to be admitted to the Beijing Film Academy, Shanghai Theater Academy, and Central Academy of Drama. It was quite a sensation at the time, and finally Zheng Shuang chose the Beijing Film Academy.

So it can be seen that Zheng Shuang is really a very good seedling. Zheng Shuang, who had just entered school to learn acting, was selected as the heroine of "Let's Watch Meteor Shower".

Zheng Shuang in the play is really very agile. Although his acting skills are a bit young, but he feels very substituting and will not make people appear in the play at all.

In fact, Zheng Shuang was also very good when he was in school. Although the youngest in the class was only 16 years old. But in the annual drama "Me and Sister Jiang" won the best director award. So if Zheng Shuang is willing to settle down, refine his acting skills and improve his talents, he will definitely become a very good artist.

Zheng Shuang, born in 1991, is actually 28 years old this year. But in Zheng Shuang's latest look, he can't see the 28-year-old at all. It's like Chu Yuxun's feeling when he was in "Let's Watch Meteor Shower Together", still so smart and so cute. So many people have a natural filter for Zheng Shuang, and I am no exception. For such a pleasing girl, maintain an attitude of appreciation.

Compared with the mature and stable big wave hairstyle, Zheng Shuang is actually more suitable for this cute hairstyle with double ponytail , which makes her more agile and lively. Because Zheng Shuang's facial features are not so bright and colorful, they are small and fresh, so the girly look is more suitable for her, which looks simple and cute.

Because of his early debut, Zheng Shuang's psychological pressure is heavier than that of actors of the same age. But Zheng Shuang is also very kind, so sensitivity and kindness accumulate on her body, forming the current state. So I hope Zheng Shuang can take a good look at his mood and don't put too much pressure on himself.

Although Zheng Shuang looks very exquisite and cute, in fact Zheng Shuang is not petite at all. She is very tall. As a northeastern girl, Zheng Shuang has slender and slender limbs, so she has an advantage in fashion matching. Even the simple and basic style does not have any sense of contradiction on her body, and she is still so fashionable.

The long and straight black hairstyle gives Zheng Shuanghe a little more graceful charm. The one-shoulder design reveals just the right neck line and looks elegant. The little stars are dotted with the mesh design, which is faintly sexy and cute.

Every time I see Zheng Shuang wearing a mesh skirt, I will feel emotional, this is not a fairy going down. Zheng Shuang, a girl who is blessed and has very good luck, even if she is not in the entertainment industry, she must have excellent results in other fields.

Zheng Shuang's current popularity is considered a household name, so there is no need to increase the popularity. The most important thing is to shoot some good works. I hope that Miss Zheng Shuang will give us a bright effect in the future.