fact, "simple basic models" can also be fashionable! A must-have item for autumn wear, easy to get fashion

When you open the wardrobe, you will find that although there are a large number of popular styles, the matching of basic styles is the most commonly used. This is due to the practicality of dressing and matching. In daily life, popular styles actually exist as embellishments, not the protagonist in the match.

And the basic models that are easily overlooked by us are often the main body of daily matching, so the dressing and matching are not good, it may be because your matching focus is wrong. If you want to look fashionable, you need to have the matching skills of simple basic rolls. Not much to say, let's take a look.

The simple design of pure color is the most versatile style, but the effect of daily use is not only as simple as versatile, but more importantly, it presents high-end fashion for matching shapes. The color system with some gray tones is even more true. It has a high-end fashion tone and is in line with the retro style popular in recent years. In fact, it is a bit similar to the Morandi tone described abroad.

Although it is still warm in early autumn, once this month has passed, the weather will immediately turn cooler, showing the state of late autumn, so autumn items are the styles that cannot be missed. Prepare early, you can plan ahead, or you can quickly People master fashion in one step. The windbreaker is light and chic, but a thick woolen coat can also add personal fashion.

In autumn collocations, most of the inner styles are relatively basic designs, because the outerwear is the focus of the whole collocation, and the inner style is the icing on the cake, so the design of the inner style does not need to be too overarching, simple foundation The money is enough. So basic items are more welcome in autumn. A small high-necked T-shirt or a sweater can be used as an inside outfit for the shape, although it is simple but practical.

In the basic matching of young lady, we can see that many of them are flared pants, which have a higher appearance rate than straight pants. In fact, the design of the micro-speaker is more fashionable and has a retro personality. In addition, some of the straight-shaped models make the upper body look thinner, so it is very amazing. Especially suitable for matching with autumn coats, it has a kind of elegant and handsome feeling.

High heels can have the effect of showing height, but showing height is not the focus of daily life. Wearing high heels in daily collocations is not because of how tall they are, but because they can enhance people's temperament and make people look more upright. Therefore, high-heeled shoes do not need to choose a high-heel design. A mid-heel and a small low-heel are sufficient. They are comfortable and can enhance personal charm. They are very common in autumn matching.

In the autumn match, the appearance rate of trousers is very high, compared with that of skirt outfits, the appearance rate will be slightly less. In fact, the matching of skirts and long coats can be said to complement each other, revealing a little skirt, can look very layered, so this is a matching scheme that many fashionable elites like very much. Although the matching style is a little bit taller, as long as you wear the upper body, you can enhance your personal temperament.

Among all the basic color schemes, my favorite is the earth color scheme. There are many types of the earth series, showing distinct characteristics according to the difference in saturation and brightness. Although there are many types, they are all very versatile. Just use the earth color to create a sense of layering, so the earth color matching not only looks very gentle, but also a very practical item. The autumn and winter matching must not be missed.

In fact, the key point to enhance the charm of temperament. In addition to the skills of dressing and matching, it also has a certain relationship with the individual. You must stand tall and have self-confidence. The temperament that radiates from the inside out is the most exciting.

Can little girls wear long skirts? Of course not. Although it is said that trousers are tall, but in the face of matching skills, it can't be so absolute. In fact, anti-long skirts can also be worn to look thin and tall. Adding a belt is enough. The existence of a belt can create a high waistline and create a golden ratio for you.