actress who can "live" without a stylist, airport wear is too valuable for reference

Today’s protagonist is Jin Chen. I didn’t understand Jin Chen’s sister who took part in Riding the Wind and Waves at first, because their requirement is a 30+ woman. If I didn’t verify Jin Chen’s age personally, I couldn’t believe she was 30 years old! She obviously looks like a little girl, especially from her airport outfit, she is really no different from singing stars like Meng Meiqi and Wu Xuanyi. Of course, this may also be because she is a female celebrity who can "live" even without a stylist. It is indeed difficult to tell the true age of her excellent clothes.

Jin Chen's appearance is obvious to all, and I can easily be attracted to her without me repeating it. Recently, she showed up at the airport and showed people her excellent fashion skills. The combination of private clothes is so beautiful. This time she chose a more basic color, white shirt with gray suit pants, no matter the style or the fabric can be controlled by everyone.

The serious feminization of white shirts makes white shirts that have no boundaries between men and women suddenly become very charming. The white slim-fit shirt outlines the figure very well and shows a good figure very well. The short navel design easily reveals a small waist. Slim shirts may look stingy, but because of the crisp fabric and three-dimensional pockets, the whole becomes very layered. The bottoms are matched with a pair of loose gray suit trousers, giving people a rigorous and casual feeling overall, which is very characteristic.

Why is it beautiful that Jin Chen left the stylist? This is the reason, because her outfits are very basic and atmospheric, no matter the version or the color, it is not easy to make mistakes. The black and white match is simple and capable, and it can be refreshing while modifying the figure. Then why is it said that Jin Chen's wear is of high value for reference? The reason is also the same. The small and exquisite items are feminine, and they are not too tall, and they are relaxed and retractable.

White T with black pleated skirt can always give people a kind of student spirit, reducing age and versatile. The mid-length white T is loose and plump. In order to dent the waistline, she chooses to match a black pleated skirt. The blouse is stuffed with no traces inside, which will make the whole person's body symmetrical because of the folds. It is very smart. Kill two birds with one stone. Why is Jin Chen not like a 30-year-old man? In fact, there is another reason, that is, she is very playful and young. The one-meter spoon given by fans makes her a surfboard.

This time, Jin Chen chose a piece that is particularly suitable for wearing in late summer and early autumn. The grass green tight-fitting sling, the color is very similar to the color of the withering leaves, it is very poetic, and the knitted cardigan design is feminine, even if it is not short. Can show the perfect side, the side view looks really thin, really worthy of the figure that can split high.

Looking into the mirror from the front is not too energetic. It turns out that a beautiful person can run so beautifully, I can't believe my eyes. The hair that is frozen in the air is elegant and stylish. The most surprising thing is this high-waist printed skirt. It is low in black and supplemented by fluorescent yellow. It is refreshing and dazzling. The asymmetrical hemline of the skirt is fashionable and can not only concave Long legs will not make the whole cumbersome because of the pleated skirt.

As the article writes, this outfit is the best outfit overall, especially suitable for the long holiday of the 11th. The short plush version of the blue and cyan tight top makes her look very soft, but also very quiet and delicate. Compared with the three-quarter sleeves and the long sleeves, the five-point sleeves are the most beautiful. The elegance and dignity of women Ability and temperament can be used to highlight it. In order to perfect the waist, she chose high-waist jeans with a lotus lace belt this time. The three-point skinny version perfectly outlines the figure. Even if there is no bumpy feeling, at least it will not make people look particularly decadent.